Page 3 The Beginnings

The Sun was purchased by Rupert Murdoch back in november 196 when he relaunched it as a tabloid newspaper.

The first page 3 glamour model was Ulla Lindstromposing suggestively in an unbuttoned shirt.

In the year that followed, 3 more glamour photos were published but none contained a state of undress.

On November 17th 1970 the editor of The Sun – Larry Lamb published the first birthday edition with a nude photo on page 3. Rupert Murdoch was out of the country at the time and was unaware of the change. German model Stephanie Rahn who was 20 at the time, became The Sun newspaper’s first official page 3 girl. Rahn who was pictured sitting from a side view was captioned “In her birthday suit”.

The next four years saw The Sun publishing topless page 3 photos internittently before going daily in 1975 where, after some controversy, it became a permanent fixture